LETTING GO – Talks for Parents

FINAL LOGOHow do children learn to think? Why do children change in the way they relate to you as they grow older? How can you as a parent support a healthy, gradual and creative ‘letting go’ as they go through their early schooling years? What’s coming around the corner as they enter adolescence?

“Letting Go” offers a child-based perspective on all the above and more, giving you information and insight to support you as you parent your child through their school years.

LETTING GO – The Primary School Journey for you and your child

School life is a significant period. It’s full of excitement, anticipation, worry, anxiety……and that’s just for the parent. The child will have equally conflicting feelings as they go off into the unknown behind the school gate and beyond.

Bernard Macleod brings alive the inner world of the child at this stage of life using his knowledge and experience working with children and parents as a counsellor and psychotherapist. Combining science, theory and real life examples, Bernard’s talk will provide information to parents looking for a deeper understanding of how their children think, develop and behave in these formative years.

He offers a clear description of the function of the different stages of the childhood, the role anxiety has to play in a healthy mind and the impact our own experiences can have on our children’s mental development. This talk also provides a framework for parents looking to support their children in the early years of their schooling life and manage the inevitably challenging and difficult moments ahead.

Bernard is a child and adolescent psychotherapist working in private practice in Sydney. He has a Master of Psychotherapy degree from London University and is President of CAFPAA (Couples and Family Psychotherapy Association of Australia). Previously he has worked in schools and clinics in London and Sydney and has over 15 years of experience in the field. He has been published in UK specialist journals.


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