A Place to Talk offers both counselling and psychotherapy depending on the issues that each young person brings.

Counselling tends to focus on one issue for a short time – perhaps a few weeks or several months.

Psychotherapy focuses on more deep-rooted issues and is usually medium to long-term work, which helps young people make more fundamental changes in themselves and how they relate to others.

The practice operates from premises in Annandale and the Eastern Suburbs and works with a broad range of issues, including:

• Grief and loss
• Anxiety & Stress
• Family issues arising from divorce and separation
• Sadness, depression and detachment
• Self-confidence issues
• Identity issues and
• Challenges integrating and adjusting to new schools or institutions
• Difficulty in controlling anger and frustration
• Low self-esteem

In the event neither counselling or psychotherapy are suitable for clients coming to A Place to Talk, referrals will be made through Bernard’s network of professional contacts

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