The Approach

At the heart of A Place to Talk’s approach is creating a safe and nurturing environment where young people can open up about their problems.Although talking makes up part of each session, young people are often more able to express themselves in other ways through the use of toys, art work and other non-verbal means.

For young children of primary school age, Bernard works in a playroom set-up where children are offered a number of toys and art materials.

Through play and other means, Bernard creates a relationship with the child which over time is used to understand the child’s personality and dynamics and address issues of concern.

As part of any work with a young person, Bernard also works with parents, other family members and carers in the form of family meetings, feedback sessions and where appropriate, counselling sessions to address specific issues that are part of his work with the young person in question.

Bernard works in sessions of 50 minutes. After an initial consultation
with the client and parents/carers, Bernard works on a weekly basis,
with review meetings every month or each quarter, depending on the circumstances.

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